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Aerosol can's drilling machine   aerosolv    

You can see the introduction of aerosolv if you Click this photo.

You are able to drill aerosol can safely, and it is a device for collecting the undiluted solution into drums.

Aerosolv has been selected to local government transfer target machine by "Aerosol Products Processing Measures Council".

This product has been improved to use more easily .

1. Changed from screw to the one-touch lever about product's fixing method.

2. Changed the sleeve height so that small products (low height) can also be processed.

3. Changed the hole forming pins commonly which is needed to exchange by the thickness of the can.

This is only machine which was certified by EPA's (United States Environmental Protection Agency) recycling program.

The best seller of drill machine which was recorded to sell more than 44,000 machines in the United States and Europe.


* Processing time is about 10 seconds / cans, it has the equivalent capacity of automatic machine costs several tens of millions of yen.

* If there is the ground point and the drums, you can immediately processing.

Electricity and air is not necessary, and moving is easy.

* Since consumables are only gaskets and replacement of the filter, you significantly reduce the disposal cost.

Work procedure


<< Advance preparation >>
What you need to process (What I would like you to purchase)
- Standard set
Body, combination filter over, ground wire, safety glasses "Photo"

Operating Instructions "Photo"
· OP: Maintenance Kit "Photo"
· OP: Gasket for small-diameter cans "Photo"

※ OP is an optional product.

Please prepare for yourself
·Ground point (If you do not have it, please purchase the ground bar.) "photograph"
·Drums (two-necked things / it is common in the world) "photograph"
·Work gloves
·Wes minus driver (when installed) radio pliers (during maintenance)

<< Work preparation >>
1. Attach the body and the filter to the drum, and be grounded with attached ground wire.
2. Wearing the safety glasses and work gloves.

Processing operation

1. Set aerosol cans to the body.
2. Press down on the handle, and return immediately.
3. Processing is complete if there is no sound of out of the gas.
  (5-10 lost Once seconds)
4. Remove the cans and discard. (In the United States it has been recycled as   general cans as well as recyclable waste. Please contact municipality and the   industrial waste suppliers.)

Parts replacement, maintenance

1. Please use the combined gasket to the size of the cans. (You can replace of gaskets about 10 seconds.)

2. Consumables are gasket and the combination filter (filter and activated carbon).

3. Hole forming pins has an endurance of more than 10 million times. Please put in grease sometimes. (Grease is included in the maintenance kit.)

4. Once the waste is accumulated up to 70% of the drum, please be treated as industrial waste.